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Please note that Daily Bio cannot and will not ship products to residential addresses, or non-research organizations - any orders to any person at any residential address may subject to a rejection of refunds. Daily Bio's products are for laboratory research use ONLY. Daily Bio only works with legally registered companies and institutions. Please include your affiliated institution/corporation name and address for your order in your account. If you cannot provide us your legally registered shipping and/or billing information we will cancel your order and may NOT issue a refund.

Products are packaged in commonly used laboratory sizes that are ready to ship. If bulk quantities and alternate sizes are required which not offered on this website, please inquire. The best shipping methods, based on analysis by Daily Bio, are selected for each order. The majority of orders are shipped via UPS and FedEx. In the case of products, shipments are typically made within 24-48 hours upon order confirmation. Shipments may vary with stock availability. Additional shipping costs may occur for shipments that require special handlings such as cold shipments or hazardous chemicals.

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